Imam Ibnu Asakir, Imam al-Khatib dan Imam al-Hafiz al-Mizzi meriwayatkan sebuah hadis yang berbunyi:

"Apabila akhir umat ini melaknat (generasi) awalnya, maka hendaklah orang-orang yang mempunyai ilmu pada ketika itu menzahirkan ilmunya, sesungguhnya orang yang menyembunyikan ilmu pada waktu tersebut seumpama seseorang yang menyembunyikan apa yang telah diwahyukan kepada (Sayyidina) Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam!!!"

Maka apabila lahir golongan yang mencaci dan melaknat para ulama' empat mazhab terdahulu yang mengikut generasi Salafus Soleh, apakah yang telah kita lakukan???

"Mengenal Allah dengan ilmu seperti mendengar gula tapi belum merasai,
Mengenal Allah dengan hati seperti merasai gula"
- Sultanul Auliya Syeikh Abdul Qadir al-Jailani.

Your heart will go back to you.

Your heart will go back to you.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

When We Realize our Presence In This World

When we realize our presence in this world, is it when our mother give birth to us? or when we remembering our childhood life? or is it when the moment we are tapped out with this life itself? What life really mean to us?
Is it we just follow the life stream? For teenagers want to fulfill his dream's or his/her parent dreams? For a man that just married or having some kids already, what is his Presence for? is it just want to continue their 'next of kin'. What is this all about? What is life are all about? What our presence mean?
We are in the cycle of life.Is this cycle of life have a meaning to everyone of us? Most of us will just ignore this question as theirs going through their daily routine's. Some will have some thought but not for long, they also will forget. But the thing will come across them whenever it's want to. And a little of us even with their daily routine's and task, this Presence matter will always cycling in their thought.
In Science we been taught for a life to be create in the process, among millions of sperm that swims only one will reach the destiny. The first destiny in life and for everyone that read this article we all past the first obstacle's, screen test to be a human being with flying colours.
So, is this still means nothing to our Presence? think about it?
How about the world? The Universe? What is the possibility of life in Earth compare with other's planet in this universe? The Earth Presence itself? The perfect distance between our Star solar the Sun in order for all being to exist in Earth. Whose arranging all of this things? is it we call it a Nature? is it goes under the Nature as well? Our Presence and the Universe Presence? Think about it deeply....

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